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Mobilising civil society for the climate crisis.

3-23 August 2020


About Activism in Crisis

Activism in Crisis is a festival aimed at building stronger links between environmental groups and social justice activists, drawing on the intersectional nature of the climate crisis. Through this festival, we hope to develop practices that will allow us to facilitate meaningful structural change in our socio-political climate.

Building back better

Our festival will be centred around six key themes, exploring how our society can address the climate crisis and its associated issues. Click on each icon to learn more about each theme.






3 August Teach-in:

Climate Crisis 101

5 August Workshop:

Finding the line and crossing it: Witnessing the human-nature separation in our minds and hearts


Reframe or be framed: Countering dominant narratives


Speaking up, speaking with, speaking to: How do we communicate equitably in an inequitable world?


Apakah tanah air ini yang kita mendiami? // What Land Are We On?



Can we talk about the Big Oil in the room?


More than tweaks: Discussing alternative visions for Singapore



Feeding charity or justice?


Regen 101: The Revolution is Healthy, Resilient and Adaptable



Solidarity beyond borders


Bolder strategies for extraordinary times


8 August #SGVisions

10 August #SGStories

15 August #SGUnited

22 August #StayHomeSG

23 August #DoGoodDoTogether



Click here for our accessibility policy and here for our community guidelines. Please contact us if you have any additional accessibility needs.

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A ticket to Activism in Crisis will give you access to our Slack channel, where participants can connect with module speakers and each other.

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Our modules will be held as webinars over Zoom. Please indicate which modules you wish to attend in the registration form.



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