What is

Activism in Crisis?

We are experiencing multiple crises. If we do not take great actions to tackle these crises now, it will soon be too late -- nothing we do then will be able to effectively tackle these crises. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the problems that activists and civil society groups have been fighting against painfully obvious. One of the problems that have become very clear to us is the huge difference in resources between the rich and the poor. The pandemic has also shown us that our current economic model has failed in the face of a global crisis. It has shown us that we are much more connected to one another, and our planet, than we thought, both within and outside of our country. However, the current economic model promotes endless profit-making and values individual interests over the community’s interests. These beliefs are completely opposed to what we need to tackle a crisis of this scale, which is a strong solidarity between communities. 

Like Covid-19, the climate crisis is a global crisis. If we wish to tackle the climate crisis effectively, we need to change our current economic model to one that values life. GE2020 can possibly create a lot of positive change in this area for Singapore. These changes may include: 

  • Increased space for people to have open conversations about problems in society and take actions together to make society better

  • Fairer sharing of resources

  • A serious reflection on our social and economic priorities

Some of these changes were already suggested in political parties’ manifestos and campaign speeches.

However, these changes can only come true if we continue to ask difficult questions and push our leaders to carry out these changes. The crises we are facing remain more obvious than ever. If anything, GE2020 reminds us that the path to a more just society extends beyond a single day at the ballot box.

Just like this current pandemic, those who are already excluded by society and who contribute the least towards the climate crisis will be affected most by it. Therefore, the climate crisis is a concern that all activists and civil society groups must deal with. GE2020 showed us that systemic change requires wide support from the people and a willingness from people to put pressure on our leaders. Activism in Crisis aims to keep the conversation going by creating a space for social and environmental justice issues to be tackled together. The work continues.