Saturday, 8 August

Building a new Singapore requires us to approach this island with brand new eyes. This weekend’s events invite participants to shift and reshape their perspectives: What is next for Singapore? What do we want to hold on to? What new systems and values do we want to create? What transformations do we need?

More Than Tweaks: Discussing Alternative Visions for Singapore​

10:30am SGT

We start this festival from a space of dreaming, of visions. Not fleeting, intangible visions. But visions that we can mobilise around, visions that we can conceivably manifest, visions that can become material.


Time and time again we have been told that all we do is criticise, complain; that we do not have feasible solutions. More Than Tweaks: Discussing Alternative Visions for Singapore aims to show that we do indeed have solutions and that it is time we take them on in Singapore.


This panel discussion will present comprehensive, alternative, implementable ways and models of living, of running our society. Hear from a variety of speakers that will share robust, feasible visions that we can champion for.


The ideal is no longer a thing we repeatedly gesture towards. It has been researched and thought through extensively and it is time to create it. The ideal is indeed possible.


Bertrand Seah, D Dangaran, Diana Rahim and Yeoh Lam Keong

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Feeding Charity or Justice?

2:30pm SGT

The wave of fundraisers and donations as a response to Covid-19 reveals the long-standing tendency in Singapore to address social issues as a matter of charity. But is donating, volunteering and sharing enough? Are we just slapping a “band-aid” over environmental and social issues, instead of actually dealing with root causes? 


Pushing for deeper, systemic change requires us to go beyond help-giving. It requires us to ask questions of justice and ethics. In this panel discussion, participants will be introduced to the differences between charity and justice, and will be invited to think through their relationship. Other concepts such as mutual aid and solidarity will also be unpacked together. These discussions will be seen through the lens of food insecurity, and will be facilitated by individuals working in this area. 


Abhishek Bajaj, Evelyn Eng-Lim, Nizar Mohamed Shariff and moderated by Vivian Lee

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