Sunday, 23 August

President Halimah Yacob’s call to action to create an inclusive society for all is a timeless ideal that we must continue striving for, especially in such unprecedented times. However, unprecedented times also call for unprecedented suggestions, ideas and strategies. The closing day of this festival will explore our next steps: Where do we go from here and what new ideas and tactics do we take up?



Bolder Strategies for Extraordinary Times

10:30am SGT

"Pragmatic resistance" was coined by Lynette Chua in her work on queer activism in Singapore. How has this worked in practice, and have we reached a point where we need to reimagine bolder strategies for social transformation in Singapore?


This roundtable seeks to explore the idea of activism as ecology, to improve understanding of functions of different tactics, and to envision how civil society can turn away from scarcity towards abundance, building resources, resilience and true community.

This event will be limited to 80 participants and will require additional registration.

We have also prepared programme descriptions in plain English here.

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