Saturday, 22 August


The modules on this day invite participants to look inwards. What is Singapore built on materially, socially and economically? How do we reckon with these relationships and how do we alter them as we move towards creating a new world? As we approach the end of the festival, the penultimate day brings us back home, to our shores: What does our home look like?



Apakah tanah air ini yang kita mendiami? // What Land Are We On?

10:30am SGT

Tanah selalu menjadi pusat kepada sejarah kapitalisme, dari penjajahan ekstraktif hingga ke perkembangan negara kontemporari. Tetapi, di antara kesemua perjuangan hak tanah dan hak orang asli yang kita lihat di seberang sempadan kita, dan sejarah pemilikan dan penempatan semula kini yang wujud di mana kita berada,  perbincangan mengenai tanah di Singapura tetap disenyapkan dan sangat dipinggirkan.


Menjejak masa lalu dan kini pembangunan tanah dan bandar, panel ini ingin membuka perbincangan mengenai pentingnya menengahkan semula tanah sebagai tapak perjuangan sosial dan politik di Singapura: Bagaimana pelucutan tanah berkaitan dengan model ekonomi kita yang tidak berkelanjutan? Bagaimana kita membangunkan rasa hormat dan penghargaan terhadap tanah yang kita mendiami sekarang?



Land has always been central to the history of capitalism, from extractive colonialism to contemporary state developmentalism. But amongst the many land and indigenous rights struggles we see just across our borders, and the present histories of dispossession and resettlement that exist right where we stand, the conversation about land in contemporary Singapore remains muted and deeply depoliticized.


Tracing the past and present of land and urban development, this panel looks to open a conversation about the importance of recentering land as a site of social and political struggle in Singapore: How does the dispossession of land tie in with our environmentally unsustainable economic model? How do we develop respect and appreciation for the land we are on?

This session will be in Malay, with live note-taking/transcription in English.

We have also prepared programme descriptions in plain English here.



Can We Talk About the Big Oil in the Room?

2:30pm SGT

Around 60 percent of Singapore’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the industry sector, particularly the petrochemical and refinery industries. Yet, most political discussions concerning Singapore’s climate change mitigation strategies fail to address this sector entirely. Attempts to name the complicity of Singapore’s oil industry in the climate crisis are met with dissent and even governmental intervention. Why is this such a taboo topic, and how can we take meaningful action to end our dependence on fossil fuels?


Can We Talk About the Big Oil in the Room? aims to address these questions by first providing some context on the history of the fossil fuel industry, its role in Singapore’s economy and its contribution to climate change. Then, the panelists would share their thoughts on how various stakeholders can be part of this important conversation. This is a space for us to reckon with Singapore’s long-standing connection with the oil industry.

We have also prepared programme descriptions in plain English here.