Are you unsure about whether you know enough to participate in the festival? Do not worry, you can start here! Attend our pre-festival programmes to learn more about our current relationship with our planet. 


Changing our approach to solving the climate crisis has recently been introduced into our national consciousness. But the desire to change the game must come with changing the rules of the game. Anything less is empty rhetoric.

Pre-festival programme

Climate Crisis 101 Teach-in

7:00pm SGT, 3 August 2020

Join SG Climate Rally for a crash course on the climate crisis. Equip yourself with the information and language necessary to be better informed (and to better inform others) on the climate crisis and its relationship with climate justice. Come and engage with materials ranging from key statistics about the climate crisis (and Singapore’s role in it) to first-hand accounts from vulnerable communities in Singapore (and how the climate crisis is going to affect them). 

Finding the line and crossing it: witnessing the human-nature separation in our minds and hearts


6:00pm, 5 August 2020

How do we think about our relationships with nature, and what could we find if we were to examine these relations together? What words do we use to describe our relationships? How do our ways of relating to nature express themselves through the words we use, the emotions we feel, or the moods we find ourselves in? 


In this workshop, we will do an activity together that looks at our relationship with nature. After this, we will discuss how knowledge that we create together can inspire transformation and awakening. 


We will be working with a tool that psychology researchers use to assess human relationships with nature. We will also be talking about social science approaches to this question and ways of decolonizing research.

Participants should prepare:

A pen/marker and blank paper, (A5 or larger). You’ll want your pen to be clearly visible against the paper.

This workshop will be limited to 48 participants and will require pre-registration.

We have also prepared programme descriptions in plain English here.