Saturday, 15 August

This pandemic has shown us that we are all in this together. But it has also shown us that national borders only hold meaning up to a certain point; we are more interconnected, as a region and as a planet, than we think. As the climate crisis worsens, as more pandemics come our way, we will need to start acknowledging that broader solidarity is necessary. The modules during this weekend will explore connectivity and regionalism. Singapore does not exist in a vacuum; let us start building partnerships.



Solidarity Beyond Borders

2:30pm SGT

This session will explore how our activism can go beyond state borders, for example through shared action like challenging destructive transnational projects and practising regional solidarity. We aim to learn about the activist spaces that different groups in the region operate within and construct, and we hope to come to a better understanding of transboundary politics by the end of the session.


Additionally, we hope to demystify notions of Singapore exceptionalism or “saviour complexes.” Instead, we want to focus on being better allies for activist groups in the Southeast Asian region.


Through this session, we also hope to discuss the potential for collaboration across groups, across issues, and above all, across borders.

We have also prepared programme descriptions in plain English here.

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Regen 101: The Revolution is Healthy, ​Resilient and Adaptable

10:30am SGT

Extinction Rebellion (XR) around the world is choosing to take action and transition to sustainability and regeneration with peace and justice, for survival and life. The Regen 101 workshop was created in response to our wider communities needing to understand Regenerative Culture—a slightly different approach to traditional movements. Regenerative Cultures are about how we practice and demonstrate the change we want to deeply experience in life in all society. Its purpose is to nurture a new culture that is resilient and robust and which can support us all through the changes we must inevitably face together.


In this 2-hour workshop, XR offers you a taster plate of the many dimensions of Regenerative Cultures: Earth Emotions, Intersectionality, Self-Care/Burnout, Action Care and Emotional Debriefing. Together we explore—how will we act as hospice workers for the dying culture, and midwives for the new? 

We have also prepared programme descriptions in plain English here.